Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day ..

Today I spent the afternoon at my studio, painting with a couple friends who were kind enough to give me four hours on Valentine's Day to paint the large gallery space. I chose two shades of yellow: overjoy and solaria. I am loving how my studio space is coming together ... it feels full of possibilities. I brought Ahnung and Mister with me, while Missy got to hang out at home with my partner. Mister doesn't get to hang out with me at the studio much so he was in heaven, as you can tell from the photo :)

I came home tonight to an email from a journalist who writes for the Best Friends Animal Society website letting me know that she had posted an article and was linking to a piece I had written titled "A Panoramic View of Animal Rescue." I am honored and moved that she felt compelled to share my piece with a larger audience.

Ahnung also has a special Valentine's day posting that she asked me to put up on the Pet Haven dog blog. If you have a moment she would appreciate you reading it. Click here.

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  1. That is so awesome! See, when we live our lives in truth, passion, and with complete abandon, life opens up. Keep giving. Keep caring. Keep embracing this life that is opening up to you.