Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hold onto me

Early one morning, as Ahnung and I (along with another Pet Haven volunteer Laura) were preparing to meet with a group of at-risk youth at The Lab, she pawed at me. Our objective for that day's session was to share more of her story and to work on an art project. Could I, she asked, transcribe for her some words she wanted to share with her new friends??

How could I possibly say no?? I have learned that Ahnung can reach beyond walls and touch the wounded spirits of these kids in ways I am unable to.

Later that day, I read Ahnung's poem to them as she napped quietly off to my side - her quiet, calm, comforting presence filled the room. Through my volunteer work with The Lab, I am bearing witness to wounded spirits connecting and helping each other heal.

Hold Onto Me

I am your north star.
I am here with you, always.

When you feel angry, hold onto me.
When you feel sad, hold onto me.
When you feel like giving up, hold onto me.
When you feel alone, hold onto me.

Hold onto me and I will walk by your side.

I will love you and all your feelings.
I will honor you and protect you.
I will be your bright star in the dark sky for as long as you need me.

And when you are ready,
and only when you are ready,
we will saunter out together into the open fields.

We will play.
We will explore and discover new things.
Or maybe, we’ll just hang out and take a nap,
as we all need time to rest.

I am your north star.

But you too, are a bright star.
You are unique and you are special.
Together we will light up the night sky.

Hold onto me.

And know I am holding onto you too.

Ahnung was abandoned with her litter of 8 puppies at Red Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota. When she was rescued she tested positive for heartworm and lymes disease. She carries physical scars from her rough beginnings (a pellet in her nipple and no front teeth – her teeth ground down to the gums as a way of survival to find food or escape). Her spiritual self, however, only knows how to be calm, loving, confident, wise, forgiving and present.

Each student received their own copy of their poem with a special dedication just to them, from Ahnung, along with her "signature."

I share with the kids how Ahnung has been a source of healing and comfort for me and how she continues to be my star. There is an Ahnung in each and every one of us.

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