Monday, February 2, 2009

A space to create ...

I had the good fortune of spending most of yesterday at my new studio with my partner and our three dogs Missy, Mister and Ahnung. I finished painting my office .... the long wall with a deep studio purple and the back wall a lighter purple. While I painted, the dogs napped in the sunshine while my partner got some work done.

I'm excited to have a space that calls to me to unleash possibilities and to dream big. To have a space that simply says, "create" --- "write" --- "dream" --- "believe" --- "be."

I'm not exactly sure what this year will bring and what will emerge as a result of all that's brewing and percolating in my head and my heart. It feels good though to give myself the time and the space to explore, to dabble, and to follow my heart.

To feel alive. To feel like our lives have purpose and meaning. To feel we have a place and that we belong ... don't we all want that on some level?

and to be surrounded by love and acceptance ....

i am grateful.

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