Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ramblings ...

I am taking a 12 week writing class at The Loft, "The Art of Creative Non-fiction". Last Wednesday was our first night. Our assignment for this week is to write about a scene: who, what, where, when, why. There are a million scenes in my head; a million images that tug at my heart; a million memories -- some i vividly remember, some i try not to remember. So how do I decide on one scene? How do I decide on one moment? And as I start on one moment I discover the complexity of the scene and the fluidity of time and memories. How do I connect the dots, the ever changing landscape, the dimensions that shift both inside of me and around me.

I am grateful to have this incredible studio space where I can write. I am grateful to have a space where Ahnung can hang out with me. Today she napped - her snoring was comforting to me and almost hypnotic. When she woke up and she stared out towards downtown Minneapolis I found myself wondering what she was wondering .... her calm, wise presence has been such a healing force for me in my life these past couple months. Ahh... my mind was drifting, away from the scene I was writing about.

In my morning time where I meditate then journal I allow myself to free write. I allow my pen to go wherever my mind goes. No structure. In meditation I acknowledge the wandering thought, whatever it may be, then return to my breath. Not a solid structure -- I call it a frame :) Now, as I find myself wanting to write more and to become a better writer I am realizing that maybe, just maybe, I may need to have a frame and some kind of structure. Granted, so much of my inspiration comes from Ahnung, my north star, so is it wise to create structure when maybe room to explore and create and look into Ahnung's eyes are what feeds my soul?

Today I decide to simply ramble.

Today I decide it's important to pause for inspiration.

Who knows ... out of the rambles a scene may emerge.

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  1. First, thank you for your words. Yes, compassion is indeed the souls journey. May we realize it.

    Ahnung has ignited a flame beyond the quiet space of empty where creativity and meditation awaken in you a profound sense of being. The way that you capture--words and images--the life of both the known (your voice) and the unknown (inner Ahnung), is telling. Technicolor perhaps is what filled me as I could feel your words.