Monday, February 9, 2009

Osso Update: From Sadness to Hope

In January I wrote about the pain of giving up a family member. I wrote about my first meeting with Osso and his guardian. I wrote about the deep sadness I could sense in both Osso and his guardian. You can read about it here.

Over the weekend we received an update from Osso's foster. It was one of the highlights of my weekend! The sadness in his eyes has been replaced with hope and joy. While waiting for his new forever home, he gets to hang out with one of Pet Haven's best fosters.

Osso's foster shared the following:

"I just wanted to give an update on Osso to everyone. He is doing GREAT!!!! He is such a fun dog to have around. He is really playful but not annoying over the top playful... He loves to play ball and will play for about 10 - 15 minutes and then is ready to just hang out and sleep. He loves his rubs and when you stop he gives your hand the shove for more which I find adoreable. Osso gets along great with my dog, he hasn't had much interaction with my cat. He did bark at him tonight but when I told him no, he immediately lost interest and went into the other room. Osso is doing good in the crate that I picked up on Saturday. He doesn't love it, but he is putting up with it!!! The treats help. I have some pics attached. I took a bunch tonight and attached the one's I thought were best. I can take more if you would like."

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