Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Compassionate Leader

I believe there's a leader in each and every one of us. Last summer I spent time up in Ely, Minnesota at the International Wolf Center. On my first visit, I was greeted by Shadow, one of the white wolves, an arctic subspecies of the gray wolf. Shadow is the leader of the exhibit pack and tends to be shy of strangers, keep his distance and watch from afar. For some reason though, that morning, with only a glass pane separating us, he came right up to me. I spent a week observing the wolf pack, taking photos and simply being with them. I captured this photo of Shadow on my first visit and out of this image was inspired to write a piece in his honor.

The Compassionate Leader

Be still.

to the songs and the cries of the suffering

the potential of hope unseen

in a world where compassion is the Way

Be Bold. Be Creative. Be Authentic.

Dare to risk it all.

- Marilou Chanrasmi

I put into a video photos from my week up north. What a healing, transformative week. I look forward to visiting Shadow, Malik, Aiden, Denali, Grizzer and Maya again.

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