Friday, February 20, 2009

Ode - brave spirit is officially adopted!

Today I had the honor of finalizing Ode's adoption. Ode (pronounced 'Oday' and means heart in Ojibway) came into Pet Haven's foster program in July, 2008. At 12 weeks of age, she was rescued by Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Ode was found wandering on a baseball field in Redby, Minnesota with her ears severely burned - a victim of horrific abuse. In the 6-7 months she has been in our program she has been loved by her foster family and fellow Pet Haven volunteers and all lucky enough to meet her. About a month ago she went to live with Pam and her two cats -- they were fostering Ode with the intent to adopt. Over a cup of tea, delicious homemade ginger cookies, and Pam with one hand petting a content, relaxed Ode on her favorite chair, the adoption paperwork was completed. Somehow Ode must've known what was going on. She seemed happy, content, and at ease.

As Celayne (Pet Haven's dog adoption director) and I left, we gave Ode a hug and a kiss, exchanged hugs with Pam as we said "Welcome to the Pet Haven family." And Ode gave us a Valentines card that went out to Pam's friends... "Dear Auntie Marilou and Auntie Celayne ... what a difference a month makes! Despite many trying hours (days, even) since I joined DogMa (you know her as Pam) and the cat girls (aka Kiss and Ladybug) in their humble abode, I've finally reached my decision (and yes, as they say on that dumb TV show, it's final): I'm adopting them!" .. and Ode goes on to share some stories and ends with "much love and slimy pooch kisses, Ode Almondine Funny Girl Bambi Christian."

Well, Ode Almondine Funny girl Bambi Christian, we love you and we are so happy for you!

Shortly after Ode arrived I made a movie to share her story:

To view more photos from today, click here.


  1. dear marilou. . .
    thanks much for your lovely welcome to the Pet Haven family, without whom (esp you, celayne, sheila G, colleen F, ode's longtime fosterers, the montoyas, & new Garth dad, dan E) have made these past 5 transitional weeks more doable and less harrowing for ode, catgirls kissa & ladybug & me. we will do our best to live up to Pet Haven's lofty goals and missions and to represent the organization well to all we meet!
    blessings, too, to karen good (a woman living up to her name, and THEN SOME), whom i hope to meet in person someday and whose work on behalf of struggling Red Lake critters make her a hero to so many of us. hope to get send her some pix soon of Ode wrassling with her beloved "cousin" jasper -- two "rezcues" who've won the hearts of a sister & brother and family. :-) and you & celayne may be right about Ode needing a foster pup to frolic in our big yard with -- that Alfie's a beauty! ;-) (joke, but sweet idea)
    keep up your wonderful work (and incredible photos & videos) -- we're looking forward to a romp with your Mister soon!
    4-leggeds 4-ever . . . pam c & ode & the catgirls

  2. Thanks for sharing your special day. Marilou certainly knows how to use her camera and got some VERY beautiful pictures of Ode.

    Congratulations and enjoy your furkids.

  3. This beautiful girl is home at last! Thank you,
    ALL, for making Ode's future so bright.

  4. You truly do God's work. I love animals very much and cannot understand how anyone could do what has been done to Ode. Thank you so much for caring as much as you all do!!! God Bless!