Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surgery tomorrow!

So tomorrow I head back to Fairview Ridges for surgery to remove the growing lump in my left breast. I'm relieved to be having it removed .... the surgery itself isn't causing me any anxiety -- maybe because this is the third lumpectomy i've had in a year and a half. I trust my surgeon and have the utmost confidence in her. What will probably be more nerve wracking will be the waiting of the results of the pathology report ... but that too should hopefully arrive before the end of the week.

Today, I had the greatest day. I went for a 9 mile run this morning along the Mississippi River ... and it was a gorgeous morning for a run with the vibrant fall colors. The Twin Cities marathon was also this morning and it was fun to run alongside of them for a few miles as people cheered them on (I just imagined they were cheering me on too!!) ... then my partner Mary and I were able to get out and take some photos of the fall leaves. Minnesota gets cold in the winter months but I love the changing seasons. I love fall and I love watching the leaves transform right before my very eyes! It's a wonderful reminder to me that nothing ever remains the same ... everything is always in a constant state of change. As I prepare for surgery tomorrow I remind myself that I am always in a state of change. As much as i'd like to think that some things are permanent, they aren't. The Buddhist are absolutely right when they say that nothing is permanent. That's not bad though ... it means to simply focus on living in the present moment, not the future and not the past.

Who knows what this next round of pathology reports will say about this growing lump in my breast. I am grateful that I feel great today .... physically, emotionally and spiritually. And I am grateful that I'm actually not worried about it .... truth is, I know that I will be okay no matter what and that I will be able to handle whatever comes my way ... i've made it this far, so no stopping me now!! :)

And when I get out of surgery tomorrow I'm sure Mary will have some scrumptuous dessert waiting for me!! :) And the "kids" (Ahnung, Missy, Mister and Henry) will be ready to snuggle up with me on the couch. Maybe they'll be nice and let me have a tiny corner of the couch. All I know is that I get to take a short nap tomorrow afternoon, and when I wake up it will be over!!

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