Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jasper - another black dog saved

Pet Haven received a plea to help save the life of but another black dog - Jasper. If not for some kind soul who took him into her home to spare his life, he (like many other black dogs) would've been euthanized. Pet Haven received the photo of Jasper with the yellow bandana along with the following plea:
"My name is Jasper. I was picked up on a rural road and brought to a scary place where black dogs are routinely put down just because they are black. My foster mom saw me there and her heart sank. She knew there was no way ANYONE would give me a chance.

***She knew as soon as my holding days were up I would be yet another DEAD
BLACK dog.
*** [To learn more about "Black Dog Syndrome" and the high rate of euthanasia of black dogs in shelters across the country visit Start Seeing Black Dogs]

She stopped to talk to me, to try and tell me it wouldn't be so bad because
soon I would be chasing rabbits in heaven, but she started to cry.

She just couldn't let me be another black dog in the pile in the back shed. She also knew that her house was full. But maybe, at least for a few days she could have me stay, she could send out my story and some wonderful person would hear it and want me for their own. She tells me I am the absolute SWEETEST dog she has ever fostered. She tells anyone that will listen that I am QUIET/GENTLE/ and LOYAL.

Since being at her house, I have become a Velcro dog. I love being LOVED. I want to be with my humans, and although my foster dog brothers are nice to me, I just want to be with my foster mom (who is pretty and very SWEET herself). I sit at her feet and watch her."

We have been able to help Jasper and bring him into Pet Haven's foster program, thanks to a new doggie daycare partner, Pampered Pooch. Thanks to Pampered Pooch, one more black dog's life is spared.

I accidently "fell" into the world of animal rescue a couple years ago. My life has been forever changed. And with every Jasper, every Ode the fire inside of me gets brighter and my desire to keep doing the work i'm doing on behalf of abused, abandoned and neglected animals gets stronger.

I met Jasper today. Words can't adequately express how he touched my heart and my soul as he sat in the passenger seat, eyes intently fixated on me, periodic kisses to my hand .. as i transported him from the vet clinic to Pampered Pooch. His gentle and loving spirit came through, and oh what a wonderful feeling to see him play with carefree abandon at Pampered Pooch.

Today, I am reminded of what it is that feeds my soul. Today, I am reminded of why we must be a voice for the Jaspers and Odes.

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