Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brave Spirit

I have felt such a deep sadness in my heart these past couple of days. The realization of the number of healthy adoptable dogs and cats euthanized each month is weighing heavily in my heart. 3-4 million healthy adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year. In the Twin Cities alone, almost 20,000 killed. There is a crisis in the cat world in Minnesota - 2,000 healthy, adoptable cats are killed each month. To learn more visit the Pet Haven cat blog.

The realization of the work that must be done to overcome and break the cycle of animal abuse. The desire to keep my heart open - to allow myself to feel the pain. Yesterday morning, it came to me as I meditated -- i must be brave, like Ode. In order to be a strong voice for the animals, I must be willing to walk into the pain and to stay with the pain with an open heart. By not turning away, I can then be a much stronger voice for abused, neglected, abandoned animals, and for those euthanized.

For almost two years now, I have given so much of my heart and soul to Pet Haven. I believe with all my heart that we can make a difference. Animal rescue work is not just about the animals. It's about the people. We can help heal each other. I have learned that this is hard work. I have cried more these past two years - tears of sadness and pain, as well as tears of joy.

Today, I had the chance to see Ode again. We had a collaborative event at Common Good Books in St. Paul with a local author Dr. Justine Lee. Ode, along with several other Pet Haven dogs were there (Eve, Bubba, Hector and Mollie). This brave spirit touches my soul in an incredibly deep way... she is the fuel that feeds the fire inside of me to keep doing the work i'm doing. When I get scared, I pause... and i look at her photos, and I remind myself to be like Ode - open heart, brave spirit.

Visit the Pet Haven dog blog to read more about Ode's story.

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