Thursday, August 21, 2008

Return to the wolf

It is my dream that some day, in Minnesota, there will come a time where there will be no more homeless animals; that there will no longer be a need for animal rescues and shelters to exist to take in abandoned, abused and neglected animals. In the work of animal rescue, I have learned that passions and opinions run deep, and that our largest challenge, if we are to substantially reduce (if not completely eliminate) the euthanasia of healthy, sociable, adoptable dogs and cats, that we must all work together. That, in itself, will be our largest hurdle.

The wolf symbolizes "Loyalty, success, perseverance, stability, thought, pathfinder, teacher, intuition, learning, the shadow."

Today, I find myself needing to return to the wolf, needing to pause and to find the wolf in me, so I can continue to be a voice for abandoned, abused and neglected animals like Ode.

1 comment:

  1. To return to the spirit of the wolf is a wise thing for all of us--and on a regular basis. Your photos make me wish that I was sitting with the wolves in Ely right now.