Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quantum light breathing

While on my vacation last week in Bimini, Bahamas I was surrounded by magic ... and it wasn't even just swimming and being in the presence of wild dolphins. It was the community and being surrounded by the staff of WildQuest whose unconditional love and healing radiate out in a magical and mystical way. On the first night we met up with the group in Fort Lauderdale before heading on a charter plane to Bimini, I met Patti ... this was her 7th time back to Bimini and she was coming not just for the wild dolphins but for the entire experience ... the staff, the yoga, the meditation and the community and human pod that is formed as a result of the weeklong experience.

Patti ... I truly get what you mean now.

It's as if an entirely new language is spoken ... one without words. Amlas (one of the owners of WildQuest) says about the dolphins ... "the more I am around them the less I can say about them. For me the connection is magical and mystical, and is to be experienced not analyzed. In my experience they act as a bridge to this present moment where life, love, expansion and a sense of connection to all exists. It is this that I love to share, and also where, whenever I remember, I choose to live!"

Every morning before we head out on the catamaran to be with the dolphins we have the opportunity to experience some form of yoga or guided meditation. One morning, Amlas led us through something new for a me ... something called Quantum light breathing. Quantum light breathing was created by the late Jeru Kabbal who used this in his teachings and workshops around the world. It combines vipassana (an ancient form of meditation where one sits in silence for extended periods of time) with deep, rhythmic and consciously connected breathing. Amlas shared with us how dolphins are conscious breathers. When they sleep only half their brain sleeps while the other remains conscious ... dolphins must remain conscious to breathe. They are always in the present moment. Humans, on the other hand, our unconscious breathers. We can go through life, breathing, and not really living and being in the present moment. Amlas shared how quantum light breathing brings us back to the present moment, to our breathing and it's a form of meditation where we breathe from our belly and our core. It was an extremely powerful experience for me ... one that was as life changing as being touched by the dolphins.


I did not come to plant seeds of the body.
I did not come to do what has already been done millions of times, even by me.
I am here that others may peer into the stone and see light. I am here to sing a wordless song, confusing, entrancing, prickling - until each hears his own inner song.
Until each hears the magnificent roar of divinity in a single blade of grass.
Oh how wondrous is the mundane. Each of the trillions of leaves is a masterpiece.
The everyday is a tapestry of miracle evolving out of miracle evolving out of miracle.
I am here to delight in life, to allow my smile of satisfaction to tantalize others so that they too will want to try the bread I am eating.
I have preached all of my life and no one has heard. But now I myself begin to hear.
I am my only audience when I sing and dance. How wild and wonderful.
My fragrance tickles the nostrils when I am gone.

Jeru Kabbal

[Photos taken by Atmo of WildQuest]

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