Monday, July 4, 2011

In memory of Cass

My sweet angel boy Cass peacefully crossed over rainbow bridge at around noon on Friday, July 1st.  It breaks my heart to think of all this boy endured during his 6-7 years of life. Despite the neglect he was subjected to, his undying loyalty resulted in Cass  escaping from the impound and walking 7 miles from the animal impound to his so-called home ... only to be returned back to the impound ... unwanted, unloved and discarded like some disposable item.

Sweet boy ... you had a home with me and you will forever have a place in my heart.  I'm sorry it could only be for 24 hours. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm sorry I couldn't give you more. I'm sorry for the cancer.

What I'm not sorry for is the love and joy you brought to me in the last 24 hours; for touching a very deep part of my heart; for reminding me to keep fighting for and being a voice for abandoned, abused and neglected animals; for giving me the gift of sharing your final hours and cracking my heart so wide open; for letting me love you and hold you and whisper in your ears how much I love you.

And I want to thank so many others who played a large role in making it possible for me to give Cass the gift of the last 24 hours in my home and experiencing life as he deserves to be loved ...

  • Diane D for watching my dog Missy
  • Laura L for watching my dog Mister
  • For the kindness of the staff at the Animal Humane Society (members of the coalition, Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare) and for giving him a place to go and a possible second chance. Thank you for your compassion ... for releasing Cass to me so that he could spend his final hours being loved.
  • To my vet Lake Harriet Veterinary for allowing me to bring Cass in on Friday to be euthanized in the most loving environment possible. He loved all the treats and the hugs and kisses. Thank you also for your support and for shedding tears alongside of me.
  • To Bubbly Paws for the complimentary bath for Cass (and to my friend Paula V for joining me to help me bathe Cass)
  • To my tree trimmer John Stamos, who came to give me an estimate for tree trimming on the one day that Cass was with me. My estimate came to $350 and after John heard Cass' story, he said to me, please just write a check for $350 to help the dogs up at Leech Lake reservation. Thank you John for your kindness and your donation.
  • To all my friends who have sent me kind words of support and encouragement through this difficult time. 
  • To Ahnung, for welcoming Cass into our home.
  • To Lisa M, John V., Nancy O, Tom O, Rory, Melissa, and Carolyn for all you do for the dogs up at Leech Lake reservation
  • To my friend Vicki for not only your friendship but your veterinary advice and input that is invaluable to me.
  • And to Jenny F for allowing me to walk by your side as we work to make it a better world for the dogs up at Leech Lake reservation.
  • Last by not least, to all my animal rescue/welfare friends who continue to do this work despite the heart break we must endure. May we continue to have the strength, the courage and resilience to be their advocate and their voice.
I made a video as a tribute to my sweet angel Cass. Your presence in my home for your last 24 hours will forever be etched in my heart. Your spirit fills my home and my heart. You are loved. You matter. And your legacy will continue.

To learn more about Leech Lake Reservation and how these efforts all began, check out the Leech Lake Legacy blog.

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  1. Beautiful tribute, Marilou. Rest in peace, Cass.