Saturday, July 10, 2010


I came home yesterday after spending the week in Pennsylvania teaching workshops at a private Catholic university. My work entails travel .... for the past 9 years I have traveled. For the past year it's been about 2-3 times a month. As much as I love my job, being on the road does take its toll on me, physically and emotionally. There have been days when I wake up in hotel rooms not knowing what state I'm in; there have been trips where I have gone outside to the parking lot not remembering the rental car I have and resorting to the panic button to find my way to my car. With all my travel, I try to ground myself in whatever way possible: I park in the same garage at the airport - Red, Level 6; I stay at Hilton brand hotels as much as possible; I keep my routine on the road as much as possible -- journaling, meditating and working out in the hotel fitness gyms. I am blessed with some perks of being a frequent traveler ... the chance to hang out in the airline lounge and frequent upgrades to first class and the chance to board the plane first before the mad rush comes through.

But nothing beats coming home. As I pulled up to the house and carried my bags up the steps I was greeted by an ecstatic partner and three happy dogs. Mister, of course, was exuberantly trying to knock me down in his excitement; Missy was running circles around me saying "pet me, pet me"; and Ahnung (aka nung-nung) ... well, my sweet girl who often never even moves from her perch at the top of the patio steps came trotting down with her tail wagging and waiting patiently behind Mister and Missy for them to clear the path. And my partner, who was on a phone call, had the biggest smile on her face. She bought a new bike while I was out of town. I went for a quick 25 minute run with Mister (to wear him out a little -- he was a perfect boy running by my side and not once did he attempt to trip me!) then when we got back, my partner and I went out for a bike ride to Minnehaha Park where we were able to grab some lunch.

For most of my adult life I've struggled with the feeling of "where is home" ... is it Thailand? the Philippines? Missouri (where I lived for almost 2 decades)? Minnesota? I had a wonderful day yesterday .... I was grateful that my energy level was up and I was able to run and bike. I realize this morning .... I don't have to wonder anymore about where is home ... I am home. I have a family ... my partner Mary, nung-nung, Missy, Mister and Henry. For now we live in St. Paul ... but if we ever decided to move ... my home is wherever my family is.

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