Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today ...  for whatever reason I feel compelled to honor our kitty, Henry. I write a lot about our dogs ... yes, one could say I tend to be more of a dog person, and that yes, my partner is more of a cat person. Truth is though that I really do love our cat :) ....   We have a very special cat in our home ... his name is Henry. We adopted him through Pet Haven as a kitten and he has grown into quite a handsome boy with a loud, loud scream!! When it's time to eat he makes sure that we know it's time to eat! A few years ago, we brought Mister (who was then a 4 month old springer/lab mix puppy with a bundle of energy) into our home. Henry was not a happy camper and hissed at Mister. We thought, "oh no, maybe this isn't going to work." But it didn't take long for Mister to learn to back off (it comes in handy that Henry has his claws!) ... it also didn't take long for Mister and Henry to become best friends. They snuggle up together and play hard ... today, after coming home from the Pet Haven dog adoption event I found Henry sprawled on the LL Bean dog bed ... he has decided it is his bed, or at least, he'll be sharing it with his canine siblings ... over the holiday weekend though, it's his bed and he doesn't care what Ahnung, Missy or Mister have to say about it!!

and here's one of Henry and Mister from a couple years ago ... don't worry, Henry has lost some weight since then, much to his dismay!! :)

and here's Henry with his canine siblings!

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