Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are you listening?

I was going through old journals this morning, trying to make sense of a recurring dream ... in the process, I stumbled across something I wrote in March, 2006. With my last entry being on "Listen to the Whispers", I thought I would share what I wrote.

Are you Listening?

When the voice of God whispers to you,
are you listening?
Or are you waiting for Moses to lead you across the Red Sea?

God whispers to you, every day.
In the kind stranger who gives up his seat,
in the sore throat that whispers "slow down",
in Douja, the abandoned pitbull tied to a tree in St. Paul, left to freeze.

The question, dear friend, is ... are you listening?
Or is the music from your ipod blaring so loud
and your cell phone ringing to fill the quiet spaces
that God's whispers are drowned out --
background noise.
Noise to filter out. To keep at a safe distance.

What happens if you listen?

The whispers will call out to your from everywhere.
They will lift your spirits,
but they can also pierce your soul.
Whispers ignored will turn to cries,
and cries to pleas of desperation.

"Stop the bleeding!"

Fill your heart with the whispers
and help stop the bleeding;
help stop our oceans from turning crimson red.

There is no need to wait.
We are all Moses.
The gift of miracles is within us all. We can all part the Red Sea.
God is in us.

Hear the cries of the innocent.
And let the fire that burns inside of you ...
... be the voice of the whispers.

- Marilou Chanrasmi (3/27/2006)

I had a dream about God last night. This dream spans across years (and is the reason I found myself reading through old journals this morning). In my dream I was aching for God to appear in my dreams again. And a woman says to me, "He is always in your heart. He is always with you."

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