Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beauty and grace in the simple things ...

It's easy for me to lose my way. I've been through what feels like a roller coaster regarding my health. I still don't feel like I have complete closure. I at least know it's nothing critical (or at least I hope so) since my doctor has said she will discuss the "other findings" at our follow up appointment. I see her on Wednesday. It will be good to know what the "other findings" are.

This morning as I sat quietly in my hotel room here in San Francisco I thought of Ahnung and how she was, and still is, my north star. I traveled a lot as a kid. I travel a fair amount now in my job. My passion is the animal rescue work I do -- but that is all volunteer work. My paying job takes me around the country visiting professors and students at universities, giving presentations, teaching workshops and attending conferences and tradeshows. There have been times where I have woken up not knowing what state (mentally or physically) where I am at. There have been times I have gone out to the parking lot and not remembered what kind of rental car I had. This weekend I'm in a city by the bay -- yes, a beautiful city and even though i'm here for work I feel I should be celebrating. Yet I would rather be home in St. Paul with my partner, Ahnung, Missy, Mister and Henry. I would rather be home enjoying our brand new sod in the back yard, helping plant and catching a game of scrabble and drinking iced tea with my partner.

Ahnung ... my north star, reminds me of the beauty and grace in the simple things. For me, they are at home.

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