Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrating life

Spring is here. Yesterday my partner and I attended the memorial service for our dear friend Elaine. Six months ago I sat in the pew of the Unitarian church in White Bear to honor and celebrate the marriage of Elaine to her partner, Susan. Yesterday we sat in the pew, only this time, to honor her life. Both days were perfect - the sun shining brightly and birds bursting in song as we enter the chapel. Stories and tears filled the spaces and music filled the air. Elaine was not only an incredible artist and painter, she was an incredible poet and writer. The minister shared her words throughout the service --- Elaine's writings from her last year. What was apparent was she celebrated life. She loved life. And despite the cancer that was ravaging her body, she told her loved ones that this past year has been "a good year."

Elaine was not afraid to love. She was not afraid to risk everything to live life fully. She embraced life and savored the many moments that so many of us miss because we are rushing through life. She wrote in her journal about the joy she felt from conversations with strangers, in the simple things, and when she wrote about nature, her words gave life ... a true poet with a gift of enticing you with her words to step into the page of her writing and experience the moment, wholly and with intention. To risk. To love. To live life and celebrate life.

Spring has arrived Elaine. We feel your presence. We always will. Your spirit will continue to live on forever in the hearts of so many you have touched. We love you.

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