Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spirit of the Wolf

Today I had the chance to visit the International Wolf Center in Ely. I met Shadow (the white wolf and alpha of the pack). I also met two of the pups (stay tuned to the blog for more photos to follow). Shadow howled like our dog Shen (a collie/shepherd mix who passed away in 2006). I believe Shen had some wolf in her. As Shadow howled it sent chills through my body as I felt Shen's spirit flow through my body. Ironic, that the name of the wolf is Shadow (our other dog who passed away in July '07 and was Shen's companion). Messages ... lately I feel like the universe has been sending me messages. This week, while i'm up north, in the quiet and solitude of my cabin with no access to civilization, I will take time to reflect and listen.

What a incredible experience to be so close to these wolves... I am returning tonight to watch the feeding.


  1. what beautiful, beautiful animals they are. this post brought tears to my eyes. i don't even know why exactly, except that it makes me think about how much i love my own wolfie girl, anu. such wildness. such love.

    i truly hope that you have a wonderful time in the north, marilou. you are a reminder of how important it is to take time to listen.

    much peace to you,

  2. beautiful, babo. I'm glad you are up north, taking in all of the beauty of nature and wolves -- and taking care of yourself. we miss you at the homefront, but are happy you are RESTING!