Monday, July 28, 2008

Dare to be you

I spent hours observing wolves residing as a pack at the Wolf Center in Ely. In those hours, I watched and observed them nap, play, snarl, eat and run. I looked into the eyes of the wolves as I came as close to one as I will ever come. There is something mesmerizing about the wolf - their spirit - their soul.

I hear them speaking to me. It's time to "be brave". It's time to start a new chapter of my life. It's time to step forward and into the unknown.

I feel something shifting. Is it me? Or is it the universe and life around me?

I have a created a video of photos I took of the wolves... you can watch it at

1 comment:

  1. Love your thoughts. I believe the universe is changing as well as yourself. Me too. embrace it A friend told me that civilization is in adolecence. We sure seem to act like it at times. Be at peace. Continue searching. Thanks for sharing your thought.
    From Sue, The potter up in Ely.