Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hiking up north

Yesterday I had a chance to hike to a magnificent waterfall just north of my cabin in Ely. Along the way, a chipmunk stopped momentarily -- a brief connection. There were only a few others hiking along the trail. Maybe because it was a week day. Unbeknownst to me I had offered up my blood to the mosquitoes of Ely. I hope they enjoyed their afternoon snack!

At the end of the day I stopped at the North American Bear Center and captured the lone bear napping -- an attempt to stay cool on a hot and humid day.

It's been quiet at my cabin and i've been able to catch up on sleep. This morning I awoke to heavy rainfall -- the beautiful, peaceful, rhythmic sound of rain on the roof. I imagine wildlife basking in the rain, grateful for the water and the chance to cool off.

My body is certainly telling me this long needed rest is way overdue. In many ways, I think my spirit has been telling me that too. I am listening. There's a new chapter emerging in my life .. i can feel it. I'm just not sure yet how it will read.


  1. Ok. Wait a minute...... DID YOU COME ACROSS THIS SLEEPING BEAR ON YOUR HIKE? (or was this behind glass?) whoa........DON'T WAKE HIM UP!!!!

  2. oh my gosh...a bear!!! look at his (her?) leg up on the tree! comfort at its best. ;)