Thursday, July 24, 2008


There is something magical, something mysterious, something magnificent in the eyes of animals. Missy and Mister remind me every day when they gaze at me, when i gaze at them. They are two of the lucky ones. Some may say i rescued them. I say, they rescued me.

Just this week, we (Pet Haven, took in Ode who was rescued by Karen Good up in Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. A 12 week old puppy whose ears had been burned. I met Ode (pronouned 'Oday' and means heart) yesterday. I held her as she gave me kisses, and gazed into my eyes... i gazed back. We gaze into each others eyes as way to connect, as a way to share our souls. The question is, can we slow down long enough, open our heart long enough, set aside judgment long enough, to receive the message of love of hope. To me, Ode represents love and hope.

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