Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self Portrait without a Face

I'm taking a photography class at MCAD which I have really been enjoying. I love how our teacher is so passionate about photography; how he asks lots of questions and makes us think, ponder, reflect on why we make (not take) photos; how he considers photography a spiritual practice; how he challenges us to be creative. Why do we choose to capture a particular image? What draws us to freeze ... to frame ... a particular moment? How do we draw out the personality, the essence and the spirit of the image, the person, the animal we are capturing. When we frame a photo what are we trying to communicate? What does it mean to us?

This latest go around of MRI results has thrown a curve ball in my life's journey. I once again am stepping into upcoming weeks of more tests/procedures, doctor appointments here in the cities and drives down to Mayo to meet with my medical team. As I reflect on my photography assignment for this week "Self Portrait without a Face" I realize that all of my life experiences make up who I am. I will be okay no matter what the doctors tell me or what the results of these upcoming tests and procedures reveal. Nothing can rip me of my essence, my soul, my spirit, my passions -- not even Cancer. So this morning I reflect on my self portrait ... who am I? What makes me feel alive? What burns the fire inside of me? What melts my heart? What matters to me, and in the end what do I believe is my purpose in this precious life I have?

So for my fellow friends and photographers, I invite you to join me in reflecting on this week's photography assignment:

"So for this week I want you to make a Self Portrait.  As always though, there is a can't show your face.  I want it to still be you, I want it to still illustrate you.....just not your face!  To start nailing perfect exposures, I want you to shoot in Manual mode (M), and put those Law of Reciprocity skills to the test!

Think of the many many different ways you can accomplish this, using shadow, movement, objects, costume, shroud, framing, gesture, paint, etc. etc. etc. 

Be creative..think through the problem.  Don't take the easy route out.  Consider your options. Could you take on a foreign role? Be the character you wish you were?  Use the amazingness of the medium to alter perception?  How can you tell me your story and emote a feeling uniquely, and without your face? Who are you?"

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  1. I have a question for you, who is your teacher he sounds very familiar or that it could be possible that all teachers come up with the same material.