Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Turning to my dog to shift my perspective

Yesterday was a rough day for me on many levels ... It started off well then started spiraling down. I found my head spinning and finding myself getting super stressed for a lot of different reasons. This morning I stumbled across a blog posting of Ahnung's from June, 2009. It made me smile. I needed that. Puts perspective back for me and reminds me to lighten up :) Thanks Ahnung!

Her blog is titled "Enough is Enough" ... and yes, I stole this post from my dog's blog:

I've been living here now for almost 6 months. Now, don't get me wrong ... I appreciate that my Humans have taken me in and rescued me (via the path of Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and then Pet Haven, from a horrible life of having to scavenge for food on my own. But enough is enough .... We get fed twice a day. My Human tells me we all get high quality food made from organic human-quality ingredients (editor's note: Ahnung is fed California Natural lamb and rice kibbles topped with organic yogurt and organic carrots; Mister is fed Nature's Variety raw diet because of food allergies we discovered this is the only food that works for him; Missy is fed Evo reduced fat kibbles - she is on a diet, not that she cares to be on one!; Henry is fed Nature's Variety raw rabbit).  

Well, YOU be the judge of what i'm protesting ... Take a look at the photo at the top. There's a little bowl and a big bowl ... Okay ... now take a look at the photo of Mister with his cute red bandana (yes, I admit, he's cute!). And then take a look ... no, take a close look at me with my easter bunny ears. You see my expression? .... just as i'm protesting those silly bunny ears, I'm protesting the lack of equality when it comes to food.

I digress ... back to my point: 

Little bowl vs. Big Bowl
Skinny Dog (Mister) vs. Big Dog (Ahnung ... that's me!)

Now, who do you think gets to eat out of the little bowl? And who do you think gets to eat out of the big bowl?? Have I made my point yet? And if I haven't, let me tell you what pushed me over the edge yesterday. My Humans bought this contraption they call a "grill" ... it takes up space where I sleep on my patio, but I was even willing to be okay with that, until yesterday! Take a look again at what I get to eat, and now take a look at what my Humans get to eat!  
Please don't think i'm not grateful, but let's be real now .... if you were given the option of little bowl, big bowl, or marinated grilled veggies (and my one Human even had shrimp on a few of the skewers) .... what would you choose?? Me ... i'm deprived of both quality AND quantity! Today, I am officially submitting a complaint to the powers at large ... join me in my protest!


  1. But, Ahnung, you look so beautiful! So perhaps you could think of it as your celebrity beauty regimen! They tell me sometimes one has to suffer to maintain one's beauty... (but, honestly, I hope your humans drop a few grilled veggies for you & your friends!).

  2. Mister, it sounds like you're not getting enough love at home...