Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahnung continues to shine ...

Before I left home this morning, I let all 3 dogs out in the backyard. While Missy and Mister were tearing around the yard, chasing each other and acting possessed in their usual playful, spirited self .... sweet calm, mellow Ahnung sauntered around the yard, sniffed at the bunny on the other side of our fence ... mostly though, she sat quietly looking out towards the sun.

I continue to be drawn into Ahnung's calm, wise, centered presence. I think she has a special way of touching human souls in a way humans aren't able to touch each other's souls.

Ahnung continues to hang out weekly with "R" at The Lab. It has truly been amazing to witness how much "R", a wounded spirit, has opened up ... Ahnung probably has no idea how much she is helping so many of us heal.

Ahnung (pronounced Ah-NUNG and means "star" in ojibway) ... your star continues to shine brightly. Thank you for what you have brought to my life and to lives of so many others.

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