Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Place and our Purpose

For some reason today I found myself drawn to photos I took while I was at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota last summer. I found myself mesmerized by the behavior of the wolf pack last summer. I found myself mesmerized by the eyes of Grizzly the gray wolf. I remember observing the wolf pack for hours on end. It was as if I was watching a dance. The wolves … Grizzly, Shadow, Maya, Malik … all knew their role, their place within the pack. They have learned how to live together in harmony.

Why is it humans struggle to live in harmony and throw daggers at each other instead of extending a hand of compassion? Why is it hard for us listen, really truly listen? As humans we sometimes think that communication only comes in words. How humbling it was for me to witness communication of a more powerful kind – nonverbal communication. I wonder sometimes … if we were stripped of words and verbal language would we listen more intently with our other senses? Would we open up our soul? Would we feel the music of the dance in our heart? Would the rhythm and the beat come from within? Would we allow ourselves to be touched by the soul of another being? Would compassion simply be a way of being, not a way to be?

We all have a place and a purpose in this world. Our place and our purpose is both static and evolving … Our place and purpose is everywhere and nowhere. It’s everything and nothing, all at once.

Grizzly has called out to me today. His timing is impeccable. I am embarking on an effort to co-lead a new coalition in Minnesota where rescues, shelters, agencies and businesses are coming together in a positive, collaborative a respectful way to work towards our shared vision of a day when there will be no more homeless animals …. there’s a steep hill ahead of us yet the eternal optimist in me will continue to believe in the good of all humans. Like the wolves in Ely, we can learn to dance. First, we must listen – we must pause and truly listen - let the chords of a brand new song bind us together as we dance and discover our place and our purpose in life.

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