Monday, October 6, 2008

The sun shines through...

It has been an incredible few days.... the cloud of uncertainty is still there (i have another appointment this Wednesday for another mammogram and ultrasound), however, i am truly okay with the uncertainty. I have been deepening my meditation practice, running regularly (and it has been perfect running weather lately... i feel blessed to live by the river and savor the beautiful fall colors. I am convinced our street has trees with the most vibrant fall colors in St. Paul!). And on Saturday, I had the good fortune of welcoming three dogs (Andy - black lab/shepherd mix; Butterscotch - brindle mix; Foster - black lab/newfie pup) after their long journey from the Sioux City animal control in Iowa. All three were destined for euthanasia. All three have been taken into Pet Haven's foster program and have been given a new leash on life!

How often can one say, they are a part of making a difference and saving lives - lives of beautiful, innocent, trusting furry souls. Yes, I am blessed and I am fully aware of that :)

I am grateful today, of feeling so alive and willingly embracing what scares me and that which is uncertain; i am grateful for my partner who has been standing by my side, loving me unconditionally; i am grateful for my friendships (new and old) and for what Pet Haven has given to me through my volunteer work; and of course, I am grateful for our precious animals ... Missy, Mister and Henry.


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  1. have i told you how much i admire your courage to show up in this life?