Friday, September 19, 2008


Today, I found myself, feeling particularly grateful for Mister and Missy. For the second time this week, I ran with Mister. It was a joy to run with him and to watch his lanky body, tail up high, trotting proudly next to me. Unlike Shadow (my previous lab mix, whom I loved dearly but who also chose to swerve in front of me and trip me on many occasions!) Mister runs like a pro .... the occasional squirrel requires a "watch me", and a slight tug on the leash, and his eyes fixate on me, as he returns to our rhythmic pace.

Meanwhile, Missy waits patiently at home as she chews on a carrot. She's not much for running. The few times i've taken her, she's dragging and probably calling me names by the time we've been out for anything over 15 minutes.

It feels good to be running again. Today the wind on my face and the sun on my legs and arms felt heavenly.

Simple pleasures.

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