Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boldness from within

Over the past two years, I have had several significant, life-changing moments. Doors are opening up. I must be ready as I'm noticing them swing wide open. I wonder how many doors I have simply walked by .... and taken the asphalt, paved road. Now, as new adventures begin, I find myself filled with excitement, as i pave new paths and create a life fueled by passion, love and possibilities.

Today, I remind myself.... to be brave, to be intimate with fear and to trust in the journey and the process. I remind myself to remain introspective and reflective, yet bold enough to take action.

I remind myself i no longer have to travel this journey alone. With creativity, and in community, collaboration, and compassion .... anything is possible.

Dream big.

Be bold.



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  2. That's right babo - You are not alone! I am, and others are, walking by your side, watching it all unfold. I'm excited to see you step boldly into your passion.

  3. words to live by, marilou!
    i know i am a pretty new reader
    but you stepping out into
    your passion and dreams
    inspires me to live
    my life BIGGER too!

    can't wait to see where your
    journey takes you!


  4. Oh, HOLY YES!!! :)

    I second you on that one!