Saturday, April 29, 2017


Last Sunday I took a nature hike and brought my camera with me. My partner and I began what we are calling, at least for now, our stretch goals. We are on week 4. Every Saturday evening we come up with what our stretch goals are for the coming week. We have daily goals, and then we have goals for the week. We write our goals on a white board and place the white board where we can see it every day ... a reminder to us of what we have committed to 'stretching' for the week.

This past week, one of my stretch goals was to get outside for a nature hike with my camera. I have been great about going out for with either a walk or a run every day. For this walk, I'm not tracking anything ... doesn't matter how many miles or how many steps. Just walking. Noticing. Observing. Listening. Loved it!! I found myself thinking about paths, about how our lives are our intertwined in so many paths; how we often walk paths without noticing; how we go through life unaware, worrying about tomorrow or yesterday ... how we do everything but live in the present moment. My daily meditation practice reminds me and gives me the opportunity to practice staying in the moment, noticing my breath, observing thoughts and emotions that have mastered the art of hijacking my being. I practice accepting whatever comes ... without judgment (yup, that is much easier said than done at times!) ...... then letting it go.

I noticed in my walk how I became more aware of my surroundings ... noticing the birds, wondering about life below the ground, of the stories that go way beyond what my eyes could see, of life everywhere, of miracles. I found myself acutely aware of what a small piece I am of this miraculous universe, and how many miracles are all around us, if we can simply allow ourselves to listen, to see (not just with our physical eyes), to notice ...

I found myself myself embracing wonder, curiosity in a way that fed my soul ... like a young kid experiencing life, asking questions.

Amazing what a simple nature walk can do.


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