Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My first Leech Lake Legacy spay/neuter and wellness clinic without Ahnung

Ahnung and Legacy - March, 2012 (1st clinic)
I can't help but feel a heaviness in my heart as I pack and get ready to head up to Leech Lake Reservation for our 6th spay/neuter and wellness clinic. This time I won't have Ahnung by my side, at least not physically. The first Leech Lake Legacy clinic was held in March, 2012 (less than a year after we began our efforts to help animals and pet owners at Leech Lake Reservation). She has been my co-pilot and my inspiration and has been with me at every clinic ... March, 2012; August, 2012; March, 2013; May, 2013 and her last clinic was at the end of August, 2013. I have never driven up to Leech Lake without her with me. I have never stayed at a hotel and not had her with me. I know she is with me in my heart and in my spirit ... and I will bring her baby brother Legacy with me instead .... her spirit is in Legacy and I will continue to do the work she inspired me to begin. Tonight, I just want to share some photos of my sweet girl from previous clinics ...

Always in my heart sweet girl .... you will be coming with me as I head up to Leech Lake tomorrow ... in spirit form and in the hearts of so many others whose hearts and lives you have touched and transformed. And thank you sweet girl for leaving sprinkles of your amazing way in your little brother Legacy. He makes me smile :)

August, 2012 clinic

Hanging out by the intake desk at the August, 2012 clinic

Going for a walk at the August, 2012 clinic

Getting a kiss from auntie Jen (August, 2012 clinic)

Walk break with my sweet girl (August, 2012)

March, 2013 clinic - temps were sub zero!!

Her comfy blanket in our hotel room in Walker 
May, 2013 clinic
Gearing up for the educational session (August, 2013)
Belly rubs from Cecilia and Ben (August, 2013)
August, 2013
Rally course with Little Ben and Kate (Aug., 2013)
Leech Lake Legacy education team - Aug., 2013
nung-nung .. hopeful for treats (Aug., 2013)

Belly rubs ... May, 2013 clinic

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