Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Listening ... listening with my heart ...

My sweet Ahnung had a good day yesterday and a restful night. The pain meds must be working ... I am beyond grateful for that. She also continues to spend time by the healing river rocks in the living room, intentionally choosing to nap by the rocks a couple times a day.

About an hour ago she followed me around. It was obvious she wanted to go outside. Her siblings were outside playing and since she had just gone potty I wasn't sure why she was wanting to go out again ... maybe to play with Legacy? I continued working. She came up to me again and kept staring at me. Then standing up and turning around as if to tell me to follow her. So I did. I brought her siblings in from outside and let her out. She very intentionally and purposefully went to the tree and laid down under the tree. She has never done that before. I have come to learn that Ahnung does everything with intention and purpose. She quietly laid by the tree for 30 minutes, then asked to come in. When she came, she immediately went to lay on the rug in the living room by the healing river rocks. She continues to lay by the rocks.

I have no doubt Ahnung is trying to tell me something. I have no doubt she has a reason for why needed to sleep by the tree. I must admit it brought up lots of emotions for me ... emotions of deep sadness as it was on July 2, 2007 when I made the heart wrenching decision to let my sweet boy Shadow go. He had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer and was given a few weeks. I brought him home so we could enjoy his last days/weeks. In the early morning of July 2, 2007 Shadow burrowed himself by a tree in the backyard by the memory stone. He had never done that before. I knew at that moment he was telling it was time to set his spirit free. Later that morning I took him to Lake Harriet Veterinary and held him tightly as his spirit was set free. I don't believe that is what Ahnung is telling me now. I know she is telling me something ... in my gut I believe she is doing all she needs to do to get the healing she needs from all the various sources in the universe. Maybe she is reaching out to Shadow, and every time she lays by the river rocks she knows she receives healing energy and love from a large community of supporters and friends.

Dear sweet girl ... I will keep listening. I will keep opening my heart to listen to what you need. Continue to guide me to do what is in your best interest. And dear sweet Shadow, know that you are still missed :)

Shadow ... July 2, 2007. I still miss you angel boy.

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