Friday, February 4, 2011

Immortalized ...

This year my crazy dog Mister will be turning 4 years old.  After years of super high energy and pretty serious separation anxiety, he is finally starting to settle down. Good boy Mister :)

He's been a little upset though because his sisters Missy and Ahnung have their own pet portrait and it's been hanging up on the walls of our new home. He wants to know, where's my original artwork?? So .... now he can stop complaining!! :) A local artist, Layl Dill of Clay Squared to Infinity,  was inspired by a photo I took of him making himself quite comfortable on my new coffee table that she immortalized my sweet boy in clay .... Mister is now a content, happy boy. Thanks Layl!!

Mister ... immortalized in clay!!

But don't let this sweet, calm boy fool you ... most of the time this is what he's doing ....

Mister tearing through the backyard!
Bliss and heaven for this energetic boy!!

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