Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Returning to where it all began ....

I've been working for SAS now for almost 9 years. I have done a tremendous amount of traveling in that time. But in that entire time, my travels have never taken me to Indiana, let alone Bloomington, Indiana. Interestingly, about a month ago a colleague of mine asked if I would be willing to assist her in teaching a workshop at Indiana University. The workshops will be in the Indianapolis campus, but I will first be going to the Bloomington campus for a meeting. I leave tomorrow for Bloomington, Indiana. It was in the late '50s when my mom and dad met there. My mom went to IU for her Master's in Education - she traveled from the Philippines. My dad went to IU for his Master's in Optometry - he traveled from Thailand. Both traveled half way across the world, and in the small town of Bloomington, Indiana, they met, fell in love, and got married.

Papa has been communicating with me quite a bit lately. He appeared to me in a dream on January 3rd. The diamond heart (the necklace he gave to my mom when they were dating) mysteriously came loose from the chain 2 days after he visited me in my dreams. My mom has also been appearing a lot in my dream ... often as a younger woman. And last night I went to bed at 8:30 (fatigue hitting me again) and at 9 pm as I was just about to fall asleep the phone rings. My partner is unable to get to the phone in time to answer it. She says "it's probably your mom." I get out of bed to check caller id. Caller ID shows that it's Indiana University. When I saw "IN University" on the caller ID, I felt Papa's presence. Indiana University has never called me. They would have no reason to call me. I don't even know how they would have my home number. I've gotten calls from Washington University and University of Missouri - St. Louis as I'm an alum ... but Indiana University, never. So why last night? How did they get my number?

There's a reason why I have been asked to go to Indiana University by work ... the first time in almost 9 years. It's probably also not a coincidence that Indiana University called me last night. I feel like i'm being called to visit the place where it all began back in the last 1950s when Mama and Papa met. My path is leading me back to Bloomington, Indiana ... I not sure exactly why except that I know that as I stand on the ground of Indiana University, I will feel an incredible sense of peace and love knowing that this is where it began. I get this feeling that Papa is trying to tell me that Mama will be joining him soon. Mama's words to me vibrate in my heart, "I am ready to be with your Papa." Since December 20th, 1968 my mother has continued to love my father with all her heart. Death could not even separate them. I know that when the time comes for her to join Papa, that I know in her heart, she will feel like she is finally home ... and in the arms of the love of her life.

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