Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red-tail hawk welcomes me to Bloomington

After a 45 minute drive from the Indianapolis airport I arrive at the exit for Bloomington, Indiana - exit 4 off of county road 37 where the sign reads "College Ave / N. Walnut Street". I've been thinking about my father and feeling his presence. As I pull off onto the exit ramp something catches my eye off on the left. I look to my left and while driving 35 mph I catch a glimpse of what looks like a huge bird ... is it a hawk? No, it can't be. I veer to the left and turn my head completely around. I see this magnificent red-tail hawk perched on a power box. Our eyes latch onto each other. His eyes are piercing yet gentle. It's as if I could hear him say "welcome." I desperately want to keep looking at this magnificent bird but turn my head back towards the road to avoid running off the road ... Was the hawk my father communicating with me? I return a couple hours later after checking into my hotel in hopes that I can get a photo of the hawk --- unfortunately the hawk is no longer there.

Last November while my partner and I were up north in Nisswa, Minnesota ... one Sunday morning an eagle appeared. I was struggling health wise and experiencing a lot of pain that weekend. After the eagle appeared I felt a sense of peace and protection. Maybe it was my father back then too ... [i share more on my blog].

Yesterday, I had a rough day physically. New symptoms have cropped up and fatigue continues ... by 7 pm last night I was in bed. Part of me was thinking it may not be wise to travel with how i'm feeling physically, but something in my gut has been telling me I need to come to Bloomington, Indiana. I am here now in the place where my mom and dad met, fell in love, and got married. I feel their energy. I spoke to my mom before I left Minnesota this morning to let her know I was coming here. I told her I would visit the church where they got married. I did. St. Charles Borromeo church on E. Third Street. She said it's the only Catholic church. It was back in 1960. Today there are two Catholic churches. As I knelt down in church I could feel my father's presence. My mom's health is deteriorating. She is getting weaker and desperately wants to come back to the States. My health is also not the greatest. Doctor's can't seem to figure out what's going on with me. I have a conversation with my father in church, "Papa, I know you have been trying to communicate with me. I know you are trying to tell me something. I am here now. And whatever it is you need for me to know, I am ready."

A friend and my partner both tell me that the hawk is a messenger. Searching online, I find that hawks and eagles are messengers and bearers of the gods. From this site, I find: "Eagle and hawk symbolism is also associated with death, for the birds often act as the bearers of souls "heavenward." This is true of the hawk in California Indian religions as well as in the religious system of ancient Egypt, where the hawk was itself the emblem of the soul. In ancient Rome an eagle was released from an emperor's funeral pyre to signify the soul departing for the afterlife.:

There's a reason why I have been called here .... there's a reason why the hawk appeared to me as I was arriving in Bloomington. There's a reason why i'm in room 613 and the numbers on the license plate of my rental car are also 613. I believe my father called me here. I trust the answers will come when the time is right ... whenever that is.

For now, as I turn in for the night ... I will smile knowing that I am here, in Bloomington, Indiana, where it all began back in the late 1950s for Mama and Papa.

Red tail hawk photo from Flickr.

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