Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where's mine??

I recently learned of a talented, artistic Pet Haven volunteer/dog foster who was making these really cool mosaic dog leash hooks! Of course, I had to place an order for our 3 dogs!!! I even got to tell her what colors I wanted for the dogs ....

We decided on two hooks for each dog ... one for their leash and one for their collar/harness.

I set the leash hooks out on our dining room table so I could take a picture and Henry our cat immediately jumps on the table as if to say ..... "Now wait a minute!! I don't see a hook with MY name on it!" I tried to explain to him that he doesn't go out for walks so he doesn't have a need for a collar or a leash. Well, he doesn't care. He wants a hook with his name on it so I may have to place another order for the sweet cat!! :)

So, not only are these the coolest leash hooks, but Cindy, the artist/volunteer is going to donate 20% to Pet Haven (to help homeless dogs and cats!) when you place an order .... just be sure to mention 'Pet Haven' when you place your order.

You can check out Cindy's blog or send her an email at

I met her the other weekend at a Pet Haven dog adoption event and Ahnung came with me because Cindy's daughter has some presents for Ahnung (it was a really cute drawing she had made for Ahnung!) ... Ahnung also wanted to check out her own personal mosaic leash hook and in the photo below you can tell she's in awe because her jaw just dropped!!

Thanks Cindy for these cool leash hooks and for helping fundraise for Pet Haven by donating a portion of the proceeds! I'll be contacting you soon to order one for Henry the cat .... he's right, he deserves his own personalize hook too!!

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