Saturday, May 15, 2010


In the quiet of the morning, I felt this surge inside of me, then as quickly as it rushed through by body, it was gone - disassociation.

As a child, when things got to be too much, when I didn't no how to handle the pain and anguish of life, when there was no where to turn ... I disappeared. Like the kids in the C.S. Lewis novel, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" I walked into a closet and I disappeared. I created my own world. An escape. A place where there was calm, kindness, love, peace ... everything a little girl wanted.

How often do we go through life not even noticing the surges in our body? Our miraculous body is the most powerful surge protector, absorbing stresses in our life and working hard to bring us back to balance. But we push our bodies ... we keep on pushing. And yet nature and all of its inherent wisdom screams at us that there is a natural rhythm in life.

I view winter as time of rest; a time of reflection; of truly turning inward.

Spring is about trying new things, exploring new ways and taking risks.

Summer is stepping back a little and starting to slow down just a little. It's about play.

And Fall is about shedding layers, parts of ourselves, ways of thinking that have not served us well in the past year.

I'm feeling a little out of whack. It's spring. But my body is screaming "Fall".

Time to shed.
Time to let go.
Time to return to balance. 

I have so much to be grateful for ... I know that. But when life throws curveballs, it's sometimes hard to remember the good. Some times I need to make myself slow down enough to remember, and to notice.

"How do we embrace the present moment without being overwhelmed by them or defined by them?"

"Happiness is in the present moment."

"Happiness is an inside job."
 (Petrea King, Founder of Quest for Life Foundation).

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