Thursday, September 3, 2009

Joy: Lessons from a dog

There is so much I learn each day, each moment from our dogs. Mister, our 2 year old, reminds me on a daily basis of how to find joy in the simple things. What could be considered a mundane task of watering flower pots (and patches of grass) always turns into a game. The moment the hose comes out, Mister is following me ... he loves the "shower" or "full" mode best on the hose. The "stream" mode isn't his favorite, but even that won't stop him.

Joy. Pure joy.
I see it in his eyes.
I see it in his body.

How can I not get pulled away from wherever my mind has wandered ... and come back, like Mister, to right here -- right now.

I love you Mister, and I am truly, truly grateful for you.

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