Monday, December 1, 2008

Jupiter and Venus - bright stars

Tonight, for just a couple hours, if you were fortunate enough to be able to look up into the night skies right after sunset, you would be witness to an incredible sight: The crescent moon forming a tight triangle with Jupiter and Venus. This apparently is an uncommon grouping of the brightest objects in the night sky, and the fact that Venus and Jupiter have come so close together during the crescent phase of the moon, means we can bear witness to an event greater brilliance.

I took the opportunity to play around with different settings in my camera, and in the process discovered how I could capture in my viewfinder, an image so different from what I was seeing with my naked eyes. A realization that truth is not absolute.

The magnificence and brilliance of the stars tonight has humbled me; it has reminded me of how miniscule I am in the big picture of everything; how I am, how we all are, but a speck in a universe and how we are simply energy, vibrating. How interesting that these past couple weeks I have been bonding and connecting with Ahnung and how she is and continues to be my north star. I am reminded of how even stars, are energy, vibrating at varying pulses. I am reminded there is no beginning and there is no end -- we are all connected. At times like this, I realize how at the same moment we are everything, and we are nothing.

Tonight, I am grateful to bear witness to a crossing of the planets and a celestial highlight. Tonight I am grateful to be reminded that we are energy, we are vibrations, and yes, we are all connected.

Ahnung hanging out with me at the Coffee Gallery at The Loft -- we're regulars there now that they even know her name and she has obviously made her self at home in the gallery :).

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