Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mister appears in my dream ...

The pups (Missy, Ishka, Legacy) woke me up at 4 this morning. I let them out and decided to go back to sleep. It's Sunday after all.

I have completed my morning practice of meditation, centering and journaling. I have written in detail as much as I remember of my dream that is still so vivid, so real ... I was touching and holding Mister in my dream who appeared in what I call Act III of my dream. I was in the midst of holding and touching Mister when Ishka woke me up at 5:45 with her 'talking' :).

The past couple weeks have been incredibly full and busy for me. There have been changes for me in my work life .. a new leader of our group and a renewed fire and passion as I realize the possibility of bringing together my work life and all I do in my 'free' time, my volunteer time and my work with non-profits, social justice, indigenous communities, animal welfare and the intersection of humans and animals, somatics and my coaching practice  ... as the demands on my time have increased I have had to very intentionally create space to continue my practices and care of myself ....  working from home, it would be easy to get consumed with work ... but I have the gift of my pups (Missy, Legacy and Ishka) reminding me to take a break from work and go for a walk. It is a precious gift. My commitment to my daily morning practices of meditation, centering and journaling regardless of how busy life gets and the demands placed on me, allow me to notice subtle changes in my being ... and then I have the gift of practicing taiko, learning fue (japanese flute) and playing the piano to get me outside of my head and to immerse myself in awe and beauty and sensations, in the same way my pups invite me to get out of my head ...

So the dream early this morning was an incredible gift to me ... messages sprinkled in the scenes/acts of my dream ... a connection with the spirit world ...i will share pieces of it as there is so much I remember and feel ... too much for a blog post ...

Act I: 

I am in the lower level of the house. In the bedroom. There are others in the room I sense but the strongest presence I feel and also see is a young white male. We jump to another scene intermittently. A room of indigenous and POCs, mostly women. A community gathering. Wanting to organize at a community level to create change for their community. I have been invited to join the community gathering. Shift back to the bedroom. Those in the room are concerned about me taking on too much. I need to say 'no' to this request to join the community gathering. I am representing an organization, a non-profit, and I am taking on too much so i need to say no. In my dream, my gut says no. This is important. I want to be a part of this community gathering, as myself, not as a part of some organization. This young white male is strongly encouraging me to say no .. he says it in a kind, caring way. Then a young woman of color enters the room. She is wearing a headscarf. She is there to understand all I am doing and to help me find balance. She is there to listen and learn. She invites me to join her.

Act II:

I walk from the bedroom and am now standing over a sink of what looks like the home we had in Missouri. I feel the presence of my mother in the house. I had been wearing my mouth guard while I was in the bedroom. I wasn't even aware I had had my mouth guard on. I remove my mouth guard at the sink and rinse it out. Wow ... I notice how different it feels. The young woman with a headscarf invites me to follow her.

Act III:

We are outside standing by this small body of water. The setup is similar to a polar bear exhibit at a zoo. Big rocks along the side with a body of water .. in this case it is not confined or caged. Ishka is with me in the dream. She doesn't like to swim so she is exploring the large rocks on the other side while this young woman of color asks me questions wanting to understand more about all I am doing in my life ... as I share the intersections and themes become very clear ... connecting communities, building bridges .. and she asks me about my practices, my support system ... and as I am sharing about how I my practices, my connections I notice two hound mix dogs swimming underwater towards us. Bliss. Joy. Where did they come from? I realize this small body of water is connected to something much larger. Then I see a large black dog swimming ... a black pyranees type dog .. his big head above the water and he swims towards us. The next to him is another black dog .. a flat-coated retriever type mix who looks just like Mister. I stop talking to this young woman ... my eyes fixated now on this dog that looks just like Mister.  "It can't be!! Is this real? Is this Mister. No, he's dead". This black dog continues to swim towards us and the edge. He jumps out of the water. He comes towards me ... wet black dog filled with so much joy. He is wearing a collar. As he gets closer to me I see a green looney tunes tag .. the names "Legacy" and "Mister" are on it ... then the name Shadow also appears (note: Shadow was a black dog I had who crossed over into the spirit world in 2007 .. Mister joined our family shortly after Shadow died). In my dream I am like this can't be real. Am I really seeing Mister. I am holding him, touching him. I asked the young woman who is with me, "can you see him too?" I ask her to read the name on the tag. I want her to confirm for me that this is real, and that this really is Mister, that I am not imagining it. She nods and confirms, this is real. And in the distance on the rocks where Ishka had been exploring, it is now the energy of Ahnung (who also didn't like to swim). I am holding Mister and just feeling him. I feel his heart beat ... and in the background I see other dogs swimming; the joy . the bliss. 

Then I wake up to Ishka talking.

The messages from this dream are powerful. They leave with me many questions/ponderings I sit with ...

- the importance of listening to my gut, my intuition ... of work in social justice and how privilege can be disguised in the best of intentions
- of how our voice can be stifled, and we aren't even aware of it
- of my role and work in social justice
- of the bridge with the spirit world .. the messages, the signs ...

I cherish the gift of experiencing the place where those of us in the spirit world and those of us still here on earth can come together. I commit to allowing the wisdom and messages from the spirit world to emerge ... and the space and the time, to come to life.

Miigwech Mister ... miigwech Ahnung .... miigwech Shadow ...

and miigwech to all my teachers, 2-legged and 4-legged ...

and Mister, thank you for letting me know you are happy and you are with us.

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