Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ahnung visits in a dream

 I don't often dream of Ahnung. When she visits my dreams, however, they are powerful. Last night she appeared. She was laying down, resting, yet in a 'watching over' mode at the steps of what was an old historical structure, like those in Greece. Big boulders. She was resting at the top of the steps. In plain sight yet hidden. In my dream I wasn't looking for Ahnung, or anyone. I wasn't lost. I was simply leaving this structure. Something nudged me to look behind me. I saw Ahnung, resting, 'watching me'. I remember the calm that came over me. This connection; this deep connection of two souls. When she saw that I saw her she stood up and walked towards me. Slow, intentional pace in Ahnung fashion. She paused momentarily when she got to me, then she kept walking. Then in my dream, out of no where, Ishka appeared. She was next to Ahnung. I momentarily panicked ... i thought i have to get a leash on Ishka or she will get away. Ahnung kept walking. Calm. Ishka by her side. Their souls were also connected. White light and energy flowed over me as I watched them .. worry went away. I didn't need to worry about a leash, about anything. Ishka kept 'following' Ahnung ... she walked next to Ahnung, on her left side. She was a smaller version of Ahnung. They were now both asking me to follow them. In my dream it felt like we were One. Ahnung guiding us. There was an amazing calm, a trust ... in meditation this morning i reflected on this powerful dream ... there was no separation of this world and the spirit world ... Ahnung IS with us. She is always with us. And she clearly brought Ishkode ('fire') to keep the flame inside of me going.

Miigwech Ahnung for the gift of visiting me in my dream; miigwech for Ishkode'; miigwech for the reminder our souls will forever be connected.

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