Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ruby .... post surgery

Ruby ... she thinks she looks pretty
hot in that pink cast!!
We got an update on Ruby (formerly Smiley) .... my most recent post shared more about Ruby's story ( ... Ruby is just one of many stories of how, by working together, we can save more animals. Thank you Barb (Ruby's new mom) for loving this girl so much ... thank you Vicki for stopping that rainy day to save this girl's life :)

"Ruby is doing good. She has to be leashed for a couple of weeks when she goes outside so she doesn't run.  Her weight was 83 lbs which was good because when I got her she weighed 97 lbs.  She seems very happy and I am sure that she will do well once the bone heals.  They had to put a plate and screws in her leg.  She is such a good girl and we just love her."

Ruby with her new sibling
showing off her new fashionable cast!

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