Thursday, July 30, 2009

Running with my dog -- what not to do!

Yesterday morning, after dropping my car off at the body shop to get fixed (someone had decided to run into my car a week ago while attempting to parallel park and one morning I wake up to my car with enough damage to warrant having it fixed -- of course, no note left on my car). I thought, "I should just get my run in from the body shop ... it's a little less than 4 miles." Then I thought, "No, Mister needs the exercise so i'll come home, get some work done then at lunch i'll take Mister for a run." [Note: Mister has been a great running buddy over the past months, unlike a previous dog we had, Shadow, who always insisted on running in zig zags and not by my side].

At lunch, Mister and I head out the door for our usual run ... down Jefferson Avenue to the river, then back up along Marshall/Lake Street and back home ... a nice, easy 4.5 mile loop. Yesterday's run unfortunately took a different turn :) I decided to cross the street on Jefferson to avoid a sprinkler and as we were getting onto the sidewalk on the north side of Jefferson Mister must've seen something VERY interesting! In a split second, he darted in front of me and the next thing I know i'm falling head first for the concrete sidewalk. Ouch!! Of course, I get up as quickly as I can .. a moment of embarrasment as i'm wondering if anyone saw me fall ;-) I contemplate continuing on our run (hey ... Mister and I both need the exercise!) then start to taste blood, not to mention feel my face and right shoulder stinging. I touch my face ... blood on my fingers. Ooops.... time to head home. Head down, Mister by my side ... we saunter back home and walk in the door.

My partner is a god send for me. I have no idea how badly my face looks. The look on her face says it all ;-) I tell her later, smile on my face, "it's a good thing you aren't wanting to go to medical school." She rushes to get ice packs set up as she admits it's hard to look at me with my face beat up. The ice on my cheek, lips, knee and shoulder feel wonderful. I look at my sweet boy Mister .... yes, I know it's not his fault. For a moment he appears sad ... of course, that didn't last too long. That's the beauty of dogs. The innocence and the ability to let go. I love that about them.

I love running. I love Mister. Yesterday, i combined the two and it ended up with a slightly unfortunate outcome. Heck, it could've been a lot worse. No broken bones or fractures (we went to the doctor to get an x-ray of my shoulder yesterday). The amazing thing about our bodies is their inherent ability to heal naturally. It was probably time for my skin cells to be replaced. Well, now they have their chance :)

I'll keep running there's no doubt about it. And yes, I still love my crazy boy Mister, and when my external wounds heal he'll be back running by my side. Next time though ... i'll be ready :)

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  1. Yeouch!! You can always tell people that you dove to save a puppy from an oncoming semi...or that you live a secret life as a ninja!