Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been blessed to have come across Pet Haven ( and to have found my passion and my voice. In the past 19 months I have learned so much. So many of us (shelters and rescues) want the same thing - to put an end to homeless dogs and cats. Yet we haven't quite figured out how to all work together. I believe we can. I know we can. Synergy. Collaboration. Creativity.

I end a piece I wrote titled "Panoramic view of animal rescue" with "I hold in my heart, an image in the viewfinder, of a world where there are no more homeless animals." To do this, we must work together in a kind, compassionate and respectful way. We must seek to understand those whose opinions and approaches differ from our's.

There is no single path. I watch flowers blossom in my backyard ... an incredible reminder to me of the cycles and seasons of life, and beauty that is waiting to emerge.

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